Orient of Georgia

S.G.I.G Primis T. James, 33o, Active

Deputy of the Orient



Primis James

Welcome to the Orient of Georgia AASR, PHA Southern Jurisdiction website.


Greetings from the officers and members of the Great Orient of Georgia Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Prince Hall Family.


The objective of this site is to provide information to the Georgia Scottish Rite family and other Jurisdictions about the numerous charitable, fraternal and social events occurring within our Orient.


Feel free to e-mail Ill. Zachary Pratt for any other information.  We must remember "No Man is an island, No man stands alone".  I will pray for you and you pray for me.




Primis T. James

Deputy of the Orient








GA COD 2009 - 2010 Officers
1st Lieutenant Commander Ill. Matthew Lewis, 33o
2nd Lieutenant Commander Ill. J. B. King, 33o
Grand Chancellor Ill. Roscoe Freeman, 33o
Grand Minister of State Ill. Michael L. Delgado, 33o
Grand Prior Ill. Jackie Hogan, 33o
Grand Treasurer Ill. Herbert Haynes, 33o
Grand Keeper of Seal & Archives Ill. Dwight Hartage, 33o
Grand Hospitaler Ill. Victor Lee, 33o
Grand Master of Ceremony Ill. John Bascom, 33o
Grand Engineer and Architect Ill. Veder Philpot, 33o
Grand Standard Bearer Ill. Arthur Ross, 33o
Grand Captain of the Guard Ill. John Gilliam, 33o
Grand Sentinel Ill. Phil Brown, 33o
Grand Director of Security Ill. Sammuel B. Platt, 33o
Asst. Grand Director of Security Ill. Zachary Pratt, 33o
Grand Director of Ritualistic Training Ill. Joseph Pettigrew, 33o


Orient of Georgia
Consistory No. Valley Commander-In-Chief Meeting
J. H. Walker 14 Macon Wilbur Beckman 4th Sun. 3pm
Atlanta 24A Atlanta Joseph L. Collins 2nd Tues. 8pm
Ezra 27 Savannah Lewis Shields 4th Fri. 8pm
Lebanon 28 Augusta Willie Gordon 3rd Fri. 8pm
St. Philips 34A Thomasville Open 4th Sun. 6pm
Oak City 66 Bainbridge Open 4th Sat. 4pm
Jacob Harrison 85 Columbus James E. Herron 3rd Sun. 3pm
Albany 176 Albany Dennis L. Giddens 4th Sun. 4pm
Baxley 209 Baxley Derek Dargan 4th Sat. 10am
Rome 264 Rome Sam Malone 3rd Sun. 3pm
Brunswick 271 Brunswick Clyde Chapple, Sr. 4th Fri. 8pm
Valdosta 289 Valdosta Chad M. Thomas, Sr. 2nd Sat. 4pm
Athens 292 Athens John Gilliam, Jr. 3rd Sat. 6pm
John W. Dobbs 302 Folkston/Woodbine Robert E. Hudley 3rd Mon.7:30pm
Swainsboro 317 Summertown Willie Rogers 1st Sat. 7pm
Lamar Carter 321 Sylvania Anthony Roberts 2nd Sat. 8pm
Anthony Roberts> 345 Darien Derrek Reed 2nd Sat. 7pm
Eugene Williams 347 Waycross George Faison 2nd Mon. 7pm
Statesboro 348 Statesboro Harold Jones 1st Sat. 7pm
Charlie B. Brown 353 Dooly/Unadilla Gary Felder 4th Sun. 4pm
Robert J. Walters 356 Pelham William D. Robinson 4th Sat. 1pm
X. L. Neal 358 Vidalia Paul D. Collins 2nd Sat. 10pm
John L. Martin 367A Newnan Derrick Swint 2nd Sat. 5pm
Elbert D. Blocker 368 Dublin Henry Davis, Sr. 2nd Sat. 6pm
Elmos Myers 369 Kingsland Open 2nd Sat. 6pm
Robert Wilson, Jr. 376A Milledgeville Levester Watkins 3rd Thur. 8pm